PANTOLACTONECAS number: 599-04-2; 79-50-5

"Good" in all categories.
  • Chemical name: 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-3-hydroxy-4,4-dimethyl-, (R)-
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: 209-963-3; 201-210-7
Its functions (INCI)
  • Humectant : Maintains the water content of a cosmetic in its packaging and on the skin
  • Skin conditioning : Keeps the skin in good condition
This ingredient is present in 0.7% of cosmetics.
Mascara (6.12%)
Anti-aging day face cream (2.23%)
Cream / gel mask (2.06%)
Classic shampoo (1.41%)
Face cream (1.17%)

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