CAS number: 7732-18-5 - Water
"No penalty" in all categories.
  • Origin(s): Mineral
  • Other languages: Acqua, Agua, Eau, Wasser, 水
  • INCI name: AQUA
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: 231-791-2
  • Organic-compatible (COSMOS Reference)
Namely Water is the most used ingredient in cosmetics: 83% of products contain it (percentage established from 50,000 products of the App Inci Beauty). The water being of mineral origin, it will never be certified organic. This is the reason why the organic labels, to certify the products, allow low organic ingredients minimums (10% for Ecocert) on the total of a formula, taking into account that the presence of water not Bio is indispensable and often the majority in many cases.
Its functions (INCI)
  • Solvent : Dissolves other substances
This ingredient is present in 78.06% of cosmetics.
Perfume set for children (100%)
Anti-ageing / anti-brown spot hand cream (100%)
Aftershave gel (100%)
Sanitary pads (100%)
Cleansing foam (100%)

Products that contains it

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