CAS number: 24634-61-5 / 590-00-1
"Low penalty" in all categories.
  • Origin(s): Synthetic
  • Other languages: Kaliumsorbat, Sorbate de Potassium, Sorbato de potasio, Sorbato de potássio, Sorbato di potassio
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: 246-376-1 / -
  • Food additive: E202
  • Classification: Regulated, Preservative
  • Organic-compatible (COSMOS Reference)
Namely Potassium sorbate is used in cosmetics as a preservative. It is often found in food (E202) in dairy products (yogurt, cheese ...). This potassium salt of sorbic acid is present naturally in Sorbier. It is authorized in Bio.
Restriction in Europe: V/4
The maximum concentration allowed in finished preparations is 0.6%.
Its functions (INCI)
  • Masking : Reduces or inhibits the odor or basic taste of the product
  • Preservative : Inhibits the development of microorganisms in cosmetic products.
This ingredient is present in 19.91% of cosmetics.
Sanitary pads (49.46%)
Personal hygiene (46.42%)
Cleansing wipes (44.82%)
Cleansing gel (44.67%)
Care set for women (44.17%)

Products that contains it

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